Thoracic Surgery Center

Thoracic Surgery Center
Surgical treatment of organs and tissues other than the heart in the chest cavity is performed within the capacity of thoracic surgery. In this context; the treatment of diseases of the lungs and structures such as the surrounding lung membranes, chest wall, ribs, mediastinum, esophagus and diaphragm is performed by surgical procedures.
Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Thoracic Surgery Center; its experienced and equipped team has successfully performed specialized thoracic surgery operations since 2010, making our center the leading center of our country and Europe in this regard. In the center, all urgent and elective thoracic surgery operations can be performed in cooperation with teams of anesthesia, intensive care, chest diseases, oncology, cardiac surgery and radiology, with highly technical and medical equipments.
Videothoracoscopic surgery (VATS), which is increasingly prominent among thoracic surgery operations and which is performed with the most advanced surgical technology of our time (minimally invasive surgery), has been successfully performed since 2010, and robotic surgery has been successfully performed since 2011. 
Our Thoracic Surgery Center is among the five leading centers in Europe with its high number of patients and superior experience in invasive surgery and robotic thoracic surgery.

Why minimally invasive surgery?

Minimally invasive surgery, which is also defined as a closed operation procedure, has some advantages in terms of patients and doctors. These are;
- The diagnosis can be made in the fastest and most accurate way and the treatment can be started immediately,
- Less post-operative pain compared to open procedures,
- Surgery scar is small and aesthetic, less wound problems,
Compared to open procedures, the rate of complications and the amount of bleeding are further reduced,
- Shorten the period of hospital stay,
- It is ranked as a faster return to work and social life.

In which diseases can minimally invasive surgery be performed?

- Thymus surgery (thymectomy operation, thymoma resection),
Mediastinal cyst and mass operations,
- Diagnostic operation for lung nodule diagnosis,
- Resection in benign lung diseases (bronchiectasis, cystic diseases, congenital diseases),
- Resection and lymph node dissection for lung cancer
- Pulmonary disease surgery (pleural effusion evacuation, pleural biopsy, pleurectomy, decortication, empyema, mesothelioma),
- Sweating hand (hyperhidrosis) surgery.

Which Diagnose and Practices are Performed in Our Chest Diseases Center?

- Lung surgeries
- Lung x-ray
- Bronchoscopy
- EBUS (Endobronchial Ultrasonography)
- Pleural biopsy
- Respiratory function tests

Which Branches Does Thoracic Surgery Center Work in Coordination with?

Every patient that applies to the Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Thoracic Surgery Center is treated with a multidisciplinary approach. In this situation, the most appropriate treatment method is planned for the patient by detailed discussions in meetings attended by other doctors such as chest diseases, radiology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, pathology, interventional radiology and nuclear medicine.

Thoracic Surgery Center
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