3 Tesla MRI

3 Tesla MRI

3 Tesla MRI, the latest product of advanced technology, opens new horizons in diagnosis with its high image quality and rapid imaging technique, raising physician and patient satisfaction to a higher level.

Tesla is showing magnetic strength. A clearer image is obtained in these devices with strong magnetic fields. In this sense, 3 Tesla MRI is also defined as high magnetic strength MRI.

The advantages of the 3 Tesla MRI are listed as follows:
- To scanning faster and in a shorter time,
- To examine the whole body in more detail,
- To provide high image quality,
- Reliability of MRI Spectroscopy, diffusion and perfusion techniques,
- Increasing patient comfort with a wide bed area of 70 cm.

Stands out in the diagnosis of neurological diseases

3 Tesla MRI is used in the diagnosis of neurological diseases as well as many diseases. The sooner Alzheimer's in this group is diagnosed, the higher the chance of success in combating this disease. However, the disease is mostly diagnosed in the late period, when patients forget everyday things, confuse them or have difficulty finding direction. The disease can also cause people to have difficulty in performing self-care or remembering the near future. When such symptoms manifest, the brain is damaged. The importance of early and clear diagnosis stands out at this point.

20 years early diagnosis can be made

Alzheimer's disease has obvious symptoms. Like the abnormal storage of amyloid and tau proteins. This situation begins almost 20 years before the disease affects the daily life of the person, but cannot be noticed if the necessary imaging is not done. 3 Tesla MRI imaging can show the abnormality in these proteins. Otherwise, the damage caused by these proteins causes irreversible destruction in the brain tissue over time.

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