Sleep Laboratory

Sleep Laboratory
Patients who come to the Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Sleep Laboratory with sleep complaints are examined in detail by our doctors who have been trained in sleep medicine at the Sleep Disorders Polyclinic, and if  necessary tests may be requested. Patients who are suitable for patient observation, are hospitalized in the Sleep Laboratory and given a sleep test called "polysomnography".

Tests are not required for every patient with a sleeping disorder. Performing a sleep test without a doctor's evaluation is not recommended as clinical practices. For example, when a patient suffering from insomnia comes for a night test as they will not be able to sleep at night, there is no point in having a sleep test. Or a patient with restless leg syndrome will not be able to sleep before being treated. Therefore, since dormant diseases cannot be diagnosed, the test to be performed will not be useful.

Our Sleep Laboratory within the Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals has all the criteria required for the comfort of our patients.

There are necessary criteria in the sleep laboratory to ensure that the patient are comfortable. 

The most important of these are; 
· The room should be quiet,
· The room should be an adequate size, 
· The room should have a different mood from the hospital environment for the patient to feel comfortable, 
· The toilet and bathroom should be located in the room.

How is the Sleep Test Done and Who Examines it? 

While our patients are sleeping during the examination, they are observed by the sleep technician from the recording room. There is an audio and video connection between the two rooms that will allow communication between the patient when they need it. The following day, these records are examined by our doctors dealing with sleep medicine,. They will consider the pathologies that have occurred at night and the patient's complaints.

In our sleep lab,  sleep test examination can be done by Chest Diseases Specialists, ENT Specialists and Neurologists.
While a pulmonologist and an ENT specialist carry out the diagnosis and treatment of sleep related breathing diseases, a neurologist can examine all sleep related diseases.

What do we do in our Sleep Lab?

· Night sleep test
· Daytime sleep test / multiple sleep latency test (MSLT)
· Restless leg syndrome assessment test

Sleep Laboratory
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