Shoulder and Elbow Surgery

Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
Our treatment areas in our Shoulder and Elbow Department; shoulder dislocations, treatment of shoulder circumference muscle (rotator cuff) tears, and elbow diseases can be listed as follows:

  •  Rotator cuff tears - impingement syndrome
  •  Shoulder atrosis treatment
  •  Shoulder dislocation
  •  Acromioclavicular joint arthrosis
  •  Biceps tendon problems
  •  Upper arm (proximal humerus) fractures

 If conservative treatment (pain control, activity regulation, physiotherapy, injections) is not sufficient, we offer multidisciplinary solutions to adult shoulder problems in close cooperation with the physical therapy and rehabilitation department in our department, since surgical methods are only used when appropriate.

While arthroscopic surgery applications are used as an appropriate solution for the mechanical problems of ligaments and tendons, open surgical methods are used for bone interventions, prosthesis applications, tendon transfers and fracture treatments.
Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
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