Robotic Urological Surgery

Robotic Urological Surgery
In the Robotic Urological Surgery department of Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals, a team with great experience in kidney, bladder and prostate surgeries is at work.

Our experienced team in Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Robotic Urological Surgery department has been performing successful surgeries for years.

Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Robotic Surgery Center in Robotic Urology; Main surgeries performed:
- Radical prostatectomy
- Pyeloplasty (kidney outlet narrowing)
-  Psoas hitch
- Boari flap
- Ureteral reimplantation
- Radical cystectomy
- Ileal neobladder
- Donor nephrectomy
- Adrenalectomy
- Radical and simple nephrectomy
- Partial nephrectomy
- Sacrocolpopexy
 Robotic prostate surgeries
 Prostate cancer
Robotic Urological Surgery
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