In our Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Psychology Department, we work as a harmonious team with our psychiatrists.
Psychology is derived from the combination of the words "psyche" meaning spirit and "logic" meaning science, and can be translated into Turkish as "psychology".

Psychiatry, on the other hand, is a combination of the words "psyche" and "iatr" meaning medical treatment and means "medical treatment of the soul".

· The distinction between psychiatry and psychology is based on educational differences. Psychologists do not really do medical treatment. 
· They cooperate with their clients only at the level of psychotherapy relationship.
Whereas, psychiatrists can prescribe medication or perform other medical practices because they are medical doctors. They can also do therapy.
Psychologists and psychiatrists work in harmony and support each other. The education of the psychologist and the knowledge of the literature should support the psychiatrist's medical treatment and psychotherapy practices, and the methods of the psychiatrist should facilitate the process of the psychologist.
Our specialists in our Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Psychology Department provide personalized professional support to help people overcome the psychological problems they experience.
In addition, our hospital provides psychological services to patients and their relatives who receive service from other health departments.

We support our cancer patients with Psycho-oncology.

We can not say that cancer is just a physical illness. It is a health problem that includes mental and psycho-social components in addition to the physical structure of the individual. Cancer diagnosis creates an acute crisis in our society that causes the patient and their relatives to quickly adapt to the sad news. In order for the patient to cope with this crisis, they must be informed about all processes related to his treatment, accompanied by an expert. 
In this process, a multidisciplinary treatment path is followed by combining medical support with psychological support. The individual who learns that he/she has cancer faces the loss of his/her former self, and this loss brings about some emotional changes in the individual.

What do we do in our department?

· CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy),
· Benton face recognition test,
· Boston naming test,
· EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) therapy,
· Trail making test,
· Minnesota versatile personality inventory (MMPI),
· Neuropsychological tests,
· Oktem verbal memory processes test,
· Psychological tests,

How are psychological tests done?

· Psychotherapy,
· Standard matrix test (RSPM) of raven progressive matrices,
· Rey auditory verbal learning test,
· Semantic fluency and letter fluency test,
· Stroop test,
· Schema therapy,
· WAIS (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale) binary similarities subtest,
· Wechler memory test,
· Wisconsin card matching test

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