M.D., Prof.

M.D., Prof.

İstanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital
    • Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital
      Breast Health Center Director

      Istanbul Breast Association

      Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine 

      Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine  
      Associate Professor 

      Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine 
      General Surgery Specialist 

      Istanbul University Faculty of
      Medicine Medical Education

      • 1978 - First place in Istanbul Medical Faculty 1989 - Visiting professor and post-doctoral fellowship award for two years Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA 2001
      • Best Study Award in 1st Congress of World Society for Breast Health 2003 3
      • VII. National Breast Diseases best research award 2004 - Honorary Diploma, 75th Anniversary of Bulgarian Surgical Society. Sofia, Bulgaria 2005
      • Honorable Mention , Certificate of Merit by Paul A Wetter Chairman of the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons during the 14th International Congress and Endo Expo 2005 September 14-17, 2005, San Diego, California, USA 2005 
      • VIII. National Breast Diseases Congress best oral presentation award 2006 - Honorary Diplome and medal from Bulgarian Surgical Society, Sofia, Bulgaria 2007
      • Best oral presentation award: 9th National Breast Diseases Congress 4-9 September 2007, Ankara 2007
      • The expert of breast surgeons in the world : The Breast Health Global Initiative 1-4 October 2007, Budapest, Hungary 2007
      • The Visiting Professor of Surgery : University of Pittsburgh Magee Women's Hospital, Pittssburgh, PA. 10-12 December, 2007 2008
      • Most successful project by The Breast Health Global Initiative 2008

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