Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of structural problems and diseases in the musculoskeletal system, both congenital and ensuing. In this context, we offer all approaches to increase the quality of lives of our patients.

In the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, we approach the patient as a whole, much more than other branches of medicine, and we approach our patients not only on their  anatomical aspects but also functional and social aspects.

We aim for people to be independently interacting  with society while they see themselves as a whole, biological, psychological and as social beings.

Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department

· Individual treatment:  We apply a physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs designed for that individual by assessing each individual within himself.
· Holistic approach: We consider our patients as a whole, not only with the sick parts, but also by assessing the whole musculoskeletal system and other body systems.
· Functional treatment: We perceive the musculoskeletal system of our patients as a functioning mechanism, and we aim to make the patient an active individual without functional restrictions.
· Preventive health: We prepare an exercise program based on preventive health principles so that our patients do not experience the same problems after treatment.

What are we doing in our department?

Within the scope of these principles, at Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department have; 
Diagnosis and treatment of spinal diseases, 
Sports injuries,
Rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery, 
Rehabilitation in neurological diseases,
Diagnosis and treatment of lymphedema, 
Osteoporosis and other metabolic bone diseases
Rheumatic diseases are diagnosed and treated.

For this purpose, assessing the needs of our patients and
Antigravity gait training (Alter-G),
Botulinum toxin practice (in migraine and movement disorders),
Proper posture exercises,
ESWT (shock wave treatment),
Cardiac rehabilitation program,
Muscle strengthening, balance and propreption (deep sense) programs (medical exercise),
Kinesiotaping (a method where joints are immobilized with the help of rigid and rigid tapes),
Lymphedema monitoring and treatment program (L-DEX),
Spine robot,
PRP in orthopedics (platelet enriched plasma),
In-water walking training and hydrotherapy,
Reverse shoulder prosthesis,
Postural rehabilitation with whole body electrical muscle stimulation (EMS),
Rehabilitation for arthritis in various parts of the body,
Physiotherapy  plans for neck and lumbar hernia,
Exercise programs to correct posture and gait disorders,
We perform physiotherapy plans for entrapment neuropathy (nerve compression).

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
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