Pediatric Oral and Dental Health

Pediatric Oral and Dental Health

Our Child Oral and Dental Health Department is interested in the preservation and treatment of the milk and permanent teeth of the child starting from birth until the age of 12-13, when all of the milk teeth are changed.

The primary purpose of pediatric dentistry is to protect oral and dental health from the first tooth eruption in terms of both caries and deviations.

Therefore, the treatments can be divided into preventive and therapeutic. Apart from these, treatments such as dental diseases that occur due to genetic reasons and tooth fractures after an accident concern the pediatric dentistry.

Protective Operations

Preventive treatments include non-invasive treatments for children with caries-free teeth, good oral hygiene and proper teeth, to maintain this condition.
Main preventive treatments are protective cover (fissure cover) and protective fluoride application. At the same time, the palate and the placeholders that are applied when teeth are lost early, are protective orthodontic treatments for the deviation seen in the teeth at an early age.

Procedures for Treatment

In children's dental health, it is very important for the permanent teeth that the  milk teeth are caries free and stay healthy until the time they fall out. Therefore,  caries and the problems caused by caries that may occur in milk teeth need to be treated.
Dental filling treatments and tooth root treatments (root canal treatments) can be applied to milk teeth, just like permanent teeth. Deciduous teeth (milk teeth) have roots like permanent teeth, and these roots are independent of permanent teeth.

General Anesthesia

Dental treatments under general anesthesia can be performed in children with disabilities, very young children, and children who have not responded well during previous dental treatment. 
Pediatric Oral and Dental Health
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