The word pathology derives from the ancient Greek word "pathos" (disease) and is a branch of science that reveals the causes of diseases by examining the diseased tissues and organs.

The first step in treating diseases is accurate and fast diagnosis. Therefore, pathology is in close contact with many other branches of medicine.
Our Group Florence Nightingale Hospital Pathology Department has a fully-fledged surgical pathology and cytology laboratory. The doctors working here actively participate in breast, lung, endocrine, liver, urogenital system cancers and general tumor councils meetings and contribute their knowledge.. Cases  related to cancer and non-cancer diseases of the skin are discussed in details in these council meetings..

Our Pathology Department consists of anatomical pathology, cytology, histology, immunohistochemistry and in-situ hybridization sub-units.
In our pathology laboratory, small biopsies of various organ origins such as endoscopic, laryngoscopic, bronchoscopic, prostate, breast, cervix and skin and bone marrow, lymph node and tissues obtained by radical resection are examined.
Experienced doctors, advanced technology, fast and accurate results ..

In our Pathology Department, small biopsies such as gastrointestinal endoscopic, bronchoscopic, cystoscopic, prostate tru-cut can be completed within 45 minutes. The pathological diagnosis of the sample delivered to the laboratory until 12 o'clock will have results before 1818 o'clock on the same day. Hence, the stress of the patient is reduced and possible delays are prevented and it allows the planning of the treatment on the same day.

Tissue follow-ups in our Pathology Department are carried out by modern methods. Tissue follow-ups, which usually takes 10-12 hours, can be completed within 3 hours, if necessary, even in the largest tissues with the microwave methods we use.
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