Orthopedics and Traumatology

Orthopedics and Traumatology
Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Orthopedics and Traumatology Center,  . With the contributions of innovative Prof. Dr. Azmi Hamzaoglu and his team. Our center, which is in close scientific cooperation with many orthopedics and traumatology centers and spinal surgery centers in the United States and Europe, is accepted as a reference center by famous centers around the world. A large number of researchers from Turkey and abroad are hosted at our center at the annual scientific meetings.

24 hour emergency orthopedic trauma department

In our Orthopedics and Traumatology Center,  a 24 hour uninterrupted emergency orthopedic trauma departmen,t provides service. Our team, which can immediately intervene in all orthopedic injuries, continues to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in polyclinic and operating room conditions arranged with the latest technology.
In our center; Endoscopic method (arthroscopy) diagnosis and treatment of shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and other large joints are performed using advanced technologies. All sports injuries can be intervened in this way.

Modern treatment methods are performed

In our center  all kinds of congenital disabilities are corrected with external fixators, one of the current treatment methods of orthopedics. Lengthening surgeries are performed by treating arm and leg shortness.
Congenital hip dislocations, sequelae of polio and cerebral palsy, and all childhood orthopedic diseases are followed up and treated by orthopedics specializing in pediatric orthopedics.
"Endoscopic lumbar hernia treatment" and "total disc prosthesis application", which are performed for the first time in our country, are also being successfully continued. A very small skin incision is made with endoscopic treatment, so patients are able to stand up a day after the surgery.
It is possible to stand up immediately after disc prosthesis surgery. Disc prosthesis surgeries performed in our center, unlike other treatment methods, enable patients to get up and walk immediately and return to their work by ensuring that the spine maintains its movement and dynamics.

Which Departments are Collaborating with Our Center?

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery: Today, pediatric orthopedics constitute one of the most basic and important areas of orthopedic surgery. The treatment areas of this section are gathered under 3 headings:

- Pediatric upper limb,
- Pediatric lower limb,
- The spine.

In our Pediatric Orthopedics Department, the follow-up and treatments of walking disorders, foot problems, congenital deformities, shortnesses, developmental hip dysplasia and spine disorders of children under the age of 16 are carried out by our experienced physicians. In our department in addition to the above, congenital or acquired neurological, infectious, tumoral, traumatic and other causes of musculoskeletal diseases, hip dislocation, hip dysplasia, pes equino varus (clubfoot), spina bifida (open spinal cord), pes planus insoles) diagnosis and treatments are also carried out successfully.
Scoliosis and Spine Surgery: our center serves international patients as a worldwide reference center due to its success in scoliosis surgery. In our Scoliosis and Spine Surgery Department, determining the needs of the patients with the latest technological methods such as the EOS method enables patient-specific treatment planning. Thanks to advanced diagnostic technologies, extensive clinical experience and harmonious teamwork, the Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Scoliosis and Spine Surgery Department has developed surgical approaches accepted in the world medical literature. 

Hand Surgery Department: All kinds of injuries, diseases and problems related to skin, subcutaneous, muscle, tendon,  nerve, vein, joint and bone in the area starting from the fingertip to the elbow are the main topics of hand surgery.
Our Hand Surgery Department also provides services regarding to all of these problems. Fractures and dislocations, muscle and tendon ruptures without an open injury in this area; all kinds of open injuries and deformities, from skin incisions to severe injury and rupture of the limb, are included in the diagnosis and treatment field of our Hand Surgery Department.
Sports Injuries, Arthroscopy and Knee Surgery Department: Mild or professional style severe sports injuries are treated in this department. Platelet-rich plasma injections (PRP), which are very popular recently and are used in the treatment of professional athletes, are also performed in our department. Surgical applications, can be done open and closed (arthroscopic).

Hip and Knee Arthroplasty  Department (Prosthetic surgery): In this department, partial and total joint prosthesis are successfully applied. Total joint replacement; by replacing the damaged joint surface with artificial materials, it aims to provide stability with function and eliminate existing pain. 

Height Extension and Deformity Department: Functional disorders caused by bowed legs, inequality between legs and short stature are successfully treated in our Height Extension and Deformity Department. With the surgical methods performed with external fixators, the short stature and the difference in the length of the legs can be corrected by shortening the long leg and lengthening the short leg. This is also successfully applied in the treatment of soft tissue loss and curvature caused by nonunion in bone fractures. Operations are performed using motorized intra-medullary nails, which are the current lengthening method.

Foot and Ankle Diseases and Surgery Department: Problems such as ankle fractures, foot joints and ankle cartilage problems, diabetic foot, deformities, hallux valgus, are successfully treated.

Other conditions treated in our department are:

- Adult and children, flat feet, foot deformities, diabetic foot, thumb and finger problems, bone protrusions, bone cysts, rheumatological foot,
- Ankle surgery (ankle prosthesis application),
- Arthroscopic and endoscopic surgery (anterior and posterior ankle, achilles tendon surgery),
Sports injuries (Achilles and ligament, tendon, cartilage problems),
- Foot and ankle fractures.

Shoulder and Elbow Department: Our treatment areas; Shoulder dislocations, treatment of shoulder circumference muscle (rotator cuff) tears, and elbow diseases can be listed as follows:

- Rotator cuff tears-impingement syndrome,
- Shoulder atrosis treatment,
- Shoulder dislocation
- Acromioclavicular joint arthrosis
- Biceps tendon problems,
- Upper arm (proximal humerus) fractures.

If conservative treatment (pain control, activity regulation, physiotherapy, injections) is not sufficient, our department offers multidisciplinary solutions to adult shoulder problems in close cooperation with the physical therapy and rehabilitation department, as surgical methods are used when appropriate. While arthroscopic surgery applications are used as an appropriate solution for the mechanical problems of ligaments and tendons, open surgical methods are used for bone interventions, prosthesis applications, tendon transfers and fracture treatments.

What are the Examinations and Operations?

- Evaluation of lumbar spine with MRI with axial loading,
- Artro MRI,
- Surgical arthroscopy,
- Dynamic cervical MR
- Discography,
- Epidural injections
- Facet joint injection,
- Image guided biopsies,
- Intraoperative neuromonitoring,
- Hip ultrasonography (newborn)
- Closed endoscopic lumbar hernia surgery (CELHS),
- The method that minimizes the risk in spine surgeries is O-ARM,
- Spine robot,
- PRP (platelet rich plasma) applications in orthopedics,
- Imaging-guided treatment of osteoid osteoma tumor,
- Q-CT,
- Radiofrequency ablation treatment,
- Radiofrequency thermocoagulation,
- Sacroplasty,
- Nerve root and facet joint block (diagnosis and treatment of neck, back and waist pain),
- Stretching method / Tethering in scoliosis surgery,
- Diagnostic arthroscopy,
- Reverse shoulder prosthesis,
- Total joint replacement.

Which Diseases are Treated in Our Orthopedics and Traumatology Center?

- Acromioclavicular (AC) joint arthrosis (calcification),
- Aneurysm bone cyst
- Achilles tendon injuries (Achilles tendinitis)
- Ankle ligament ruptures, cartilage and bone injuries,
- Surgical treatments for foot and ankle diseases,
- Foot and ankle fractures and their treatments,
- Bankart lesions (recurrent shoulder dislocation)
- Arthritis in the thumb root joint (Osteoarthritis),
- Lumbar hernia and canal stenosis (degenerative diseases),
- Lumbar hernia,
- Slipped (Herniated) disk in the lower back,
- Cervical hernia (hernia in the neck)
- Brachial plexus injury
- Glass bone disease,
- Hammer finger deformity (malled finger) and similar all toe deformities,
- Perthes disease in children,
- Common fractures, dislocations and treatments in children,
- Narrow channel (spinal stenosis),
- De Quervain's tendonitis
- Elbow fractures and treatments,
- Elbow joint calcification
- Nerve compression in the elbow (Cubital tunnel syndrome),
- Knee area fractures (patella fractures),
- Knee joint and sports injuries,
- Congenital shortnesses, dwarfs,
- Frozen shoulder
- Posture and gait disturbances,
- Flat foot,
- Wrist fractures and treatments,
- Wrist cysts (Ganglion)
- Hand finger fractures,
- Femoral head avascular necrosis;
- Fibrous dysplasia
- Hallux rigidus,
- Hallux valgus
- Prosthesis or arthrodesis in advanced stage patients,
- Hip area fractures, dislocations and treatments,
- Hip impingement syndrome (femoroacetabular impingement)
- Loose body in the hip,
- Calcific tendinitis and its treatment,
- Wing scapula,
- Carpal tunnel syndrome
- Bone resorption (Osteoporosis),
- Bone and joint infections,
- Bone and soft tissue tumors,
- Kyphosis
- Inequality and deformities in arm and leg,
- Arm and leg deformities,
- Cubital tunnel syndrome,
- Labrum tears,
- Lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow)
- Meniscus,
- Morton's neuroma,
- Spine infections,
- Spine cancers,
- Spinal fractures,
- Shoulder area fractures, dislocations and treatments,
- Shoulder muscle (Rotator cuff) tears,
- Treatment of shoulder dislocations,
- Loose bodies in shoulder (osteochondritis dissecans),
- Arthritis in the shoulder joints,
- Impingement of the shoulder syndrome and its treatment,
- Osteoblastoma
- Osteoid osteoma,
- Osteochondroma (bone protrusions)
- Osteomalacia
- Osteoporotic fractures and treatments,
- Osteosarcoma,
- Perthes disease,
- Pigmented villonodular synovitis (giant cell tendon tumor),
- Stiff elbows and treatment,
- Back (thoracic) hernia and duct stenosis (degenerative diseases),
- Synovial chondromatosis
- Scaphoid fracture,
- Scoliosis,
- Spina Bifida treatment,
- Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)
- Spinal Palsy,
- Superior labral anterior to posterior pathologies (SLAP) lesions
- Tennis elbow (golfer's elbow) and its treatment,
- Trigger finger disease,
- Heel pain
- Heel spurs (Plantar fasciitis)
- Long bone fractures and treatments,
- Spinal diseases in the elderly.
Orthopedics and Traumatology
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