Oral and Dental Health

Oral and Dental Health
Our dentist in the Department of Oral and Dental Health, which has been serving since the opening of the Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals;  work to provide the best service to all of our patients with fully equipped world class devices.  

As Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Oral and Dental Health Department, we treat all diseases within the scope of dentistry with  a quality and patient-oriented service approach. Our department, which has more than 20 years of experience in dentistry services with patients who have cardiac and surgical risks, also provides services in the field of cosmetic dentistry, including tooth whitening, implantology, periodontal surgery and endodontics.

As Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Oral and Dental Health Department, we have the equipment and experience to easily perform oral and dental treatments for patients who have used drugs before and after surgery, and the operation of the patients who are prone to  cardiac risks during surgery or the transplant process.

As the Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Oral and Dental Health Department, we also carry out the diagnosis and treatment process of jaw joint disorders together with the neurology department and otolaryngology departments.  

In our Oral and Dental Health Department within the Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals, we can easily reach our general anesthesiologists for our adult and pediatric patients in need, and we also have the opportunity to treat them adequately with sedation (calming) or general anesthesia.

The areas we serve in our Oral and Dental Health Department which is equipped with the latest technology:

· Oral and maxillofacial surgery: This is a branch of science based on the surgical treatment of pathologies in the mouth, teeth and soft tissues and surrounding tissues. Frequently applied surgical procedures in our clinic;

- Surgical extraction of wisdom teeth,
- Apical resection,
- Cyst operations,  
- Periodontal surgical procedures.
·Treatment of dental caries
·Aesthetic dentistry Implantology
· Laser treatments: Recent technological advances have led to improvements in dental treatment methods. One of them is laser applications in dentistry.

Areas where laser treatment is used in dentistry:
- Gum operations
- Healing wounds in the mouth
- Disinfection of the wound are after tooth extraction
- Whitening Incision and bleeding control in surgical procedures
- Surgical removal of pathological formations in the mouth
- Frenulum (lip and cheek connection) operations
- Soft tissue stimulation 
- Caries removal Root canal disinfection ·

· Pedodontics: The discipline of pedodontics in dentistry deals with the protection and treatment of the milk and permanent teeth in the period from birth to the ages of 12-13, when all of the milk teeth are changed.
The primary purpose of pediatric dentistry is to protect oral and dental health from the first tooth  eruption in terms of both caries and perplexity.  

Therefore, the treatments can be divided into preventive and therapeutic. Apart from these, treatments such as dental diseases that occur due to genetic disorders and tooth fractures after an accident concern pediatric dentistry.

· Periodontal diseases (gum diseases) and tooth sensitivity
· Prosthetic dental treatments (prosthetic dental practices)
Oral and Dental Health
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