Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition and Dietetics
Our dietitians in the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics of Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals follow the latest innovations in nutrition and inform our patients in the most accurate way. Considering adequate, balanced and healthy nutrition as preventive and therapeutic, all relevant health education  is given within our hospitals.

Our basic principle is: Adequate Balanced and Healthy Nutrition.

With the cooperation of dietitians, physicians and patients, in illness or health, all information needed for a balanced and healthy life is given to our patients as a life style that will be easy to follow at any times. 

In this context, our polyclinic patients;

Nutrition in cancer, 
Nutrition during breastfeeding, 
Nutrition in diabetes mellitus, 
Nutrition in cardiovascular diseases, 

Nutrition principles and healthy nutrition programs in all diseases such as nutrition in patients with kidney diseases, are performed by using devices that show body analysis.

Although nutrition and diet are always considered within the scales of fighting with obesity, we also provide services in comprehensive new nutritional habits for people who have problems with weight gain and eating habits, and we have a lot of experience in this field.

We aim to speed the recovery of our inpatients by regulating their nutrition.

Among our inpatients in Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals, after the patient is admitted to the service, physicians, dieticians, nurses work in a multidisciplinary manner. 

The nutrition program specific to the patient and the disease is planned and followed by the dietitian. The nutrition of the patient is monitored with regular visits and the patient and his companion are informed at all stages of the diet. If necessary, the dietary instructions are given to the patient in writing and verbally when the patient is discharged.

Cardiac rehabilitation services are provided for patients who have undergone heart surgery, under the control of a doctor and dietician after surgery. Our patients are subjected to a 1-month program and are also  included in the walking and diet program. Here, after the body analysis measurements of our patients, personalized diet programs are arranged.

In Gayrettepe Florence Nightingale Hospital; therapeutic and preventive diet training services are provided for oncology patients. With the cooperation of the physician and the dietician, the diet is planned and controlled by regular controls during the treatment of the patient. 

A proper lifestyle consists of healthy choices, 
Small changes in food and activity levels, 
A wide range of flavors for our taste buds, 
The importance of the meal, 
Training is given on quantity adjustment.

A diet is not starving, to loose weight in a short period of time is dangerous for health. The important thing is to lose weight by eating regularly and adequately. Please do not play with your health to get quick results. If you want to eat healthily and reach your ideal weight, definitely get help from us.

Nutrition and Dietetics
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