Neurological Sciences Center

Neurological Sciences Center
Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals provide services within the Neurological Sciences Center, which was established with a multidisciplinary team understanding, where doctors from neurology, neurosurgery, neuroradiology and other medical branches provide medical services together in the field of neurological sciences.

What Symptoms do Neurological Diseases Show?

- Aphasia (trouble speaking, understanding),
- Feeling loose in the legs,
- Headache,
- Dizziness,
- Fainting (syncope),
- Backache,
- Neck pain,
- Double vision,
- Balance disorder,
- Loss of balance
- Numbness with loss of sensation in the hand and arm,
- Transient ischemic attack symptoms,
- Weakness in the arms
- Speech disorder,
- Forgetfulness, dementia,
- Vertigo
- Gait disturbances.

What are the Examinations and Practices Made in Our Center?

Botulinum toxin applications (migraine and movement disorders),
- Chiari malformation
- Electroencephalography (EEG)
- Electromyography (EMG)
- Functional neurosurgery and pain surgery,
- Developmental anomalies,
- Hydrocephalus operations,
- Head injuries,
- Closed endoscopic lumbar hernia surgery (CELHS),
- Cognitive rehabilitation,
- Botox treatment in migraine,
- Neuro-oncological surgery,
- Neuropsychological evaluation,
- Neurovascular surgery,
- Spinal diseases surgery,
- Brain pacemaker treatment in Parkinson's disease,
- Peripheral nerve diseases surgery.

Which Diseases are Treated in Our Center?

- Alzheimer's disease,
- Headache due to excessive use of analgesics,
- Headache syndromes,
- Treatment for fainting,
- Aneurysm (bubble) in the brain vessels,
- Cerebral hemorrhage,
- Brain and spinal cord tumors (neurooncology),
- Dementia
- Epilepsy,
- Functional neurosurgery and stereotaxis,
- Pituitary gland cancer
- Pituitary surgery,
- Stroke (paralysis),
- Muscular and nerve diseases (neuromuscular diseases),
- Migraine
- Multiple sclerosis and demyelinating diseases,
- Myasthenia gravis,
- Normal pressure hydrocephalus
- Neurovascular diseases,
- Parkinson's disease,
- Pediatric neurosurgery,
- Cerebral palsy,
- SMA disease
- Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)
- Spinal and peripheral nervous system surgery,
- Trigeminal neuralgia

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Neurological Sciences Center
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