Multislice Double Tube Computed Tomography

Multislice Double Tube Computed Tomography

The 128-slice double-tube computed tomography (CT) device used in Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals enables faster and higher quality images than conventional computed tomography. The device can visualize a very mobile organ, namely the heart, in as little as 5-6 seconds. After the preliminary preparation phase, where morning fasting and kidney function tests are sufficient, the patient's heart vessels and structures around the heart can be clearly displayed without any invasive procedure.

With this device, all body parts can be evaluated in 3 planes and in 3 dimensions, and tissues can be examined with millimetric precision. With its virtual bronchoscopy and colonoscopy features, angiography examinations of all body parts can visualize the bronchi, large intestine and vessels without the need for major interventions. Since the internal analysis of the organs can be made, the diameter narrowing of the vessels can be detected most accurately.

With the nodule tracking program, the development of small lesions, especially in the lung, can be clearly monitored.
Multi-slice double-tube computed tomography can also be used in cerebral angiography, pulmonary angiography, virtual bronchoscopy, carotid angiography, abdominal, renal and peripheral angiography, and lumbar disc and spine imaging.

What are the advantages of multi-slice double-tube computed tomography?

- Increases patient comfort.
- It saves time thanks to fast processing.
- It allows detailed imaging thanks to its high detector.
- Provides imaging with minimal radiation absorption.
- Thanks to the automatic injector used in multi-slice tomography, optimal imaging is possible by adjusting the minimum drug dose suitable for the age and weight of the patient.

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