Kidney Transplant Center

Kidney Transplant Center
We pioneered many applications used in kidney transplantations in Turkey ...

Our Kidney Transplant Center takes on a pioneering role in ; pediatric kidney transplantations, cross-kidney transplantations and transplants in patients with high PRA, with the support of tissue labratories .

Thanks to the director of our Kidney Transplant Center, Dr. Barıs Akın  who developed the "retroperitonoscopy" technique , kidney donors can be operated without touching the abdominal organs and without causing permanent damage.

More than 600 successful surgeries have been performed with this technique, which has been applied in our Kidney Transplant Center since 2009. This technique is explained in medical congresses in Europe, in our country and in America.

Patients with the Social Security Insurances and Green Cards can access transplant preparations and kidney transplant surgeries with the assurance of our center at no additional cost.

Comprehensive Treatment of Kidney Transplantations by an Experienced Team

Our kidney transplant team consists of, organ transplant surgeons, nephrology, anesthesia, cardiology and infectious diseases doctors, tissue laboratory specialists, organ transplant nurses, assistants, technicians, patient coordinators and consultants.

With this large and experienced kidney transplant team, we are happy to be able to give hope to our patients.

Our Kidney Transplant Center, which continues both scientific and clinical studies with Demiroğlu Bilim University, aims to successfully offer its patients the most up-to-date treatments. Not only our experienced kidney transplant team, but also our strong academic staff in all branches stand by our patients during both the kidney transplant and the follow-up period.

Practices in our Kidney Transplant Center

Registration to the national cadaver kidney waiting list after pre-evaluation
Live kidney transplant applications
A successful tissue laboratory supporting many centers across the country
Prevention of growth retardation and bone diseases with timely intervention in kidney transplantation in children
Thanks to our cross transplant program, creating the chance of transplantation for patients who are not compatible with blood types or who can only obtain kidneys from few people due to high antigenic structure.
Ensuring safe kidney donation by applying an advanced surgical technique under the camera (retroperitonoscopic technique),  to people who will donate kidneys to their relatives.

Performing kidney transplant preparation procedures and kidney transplant surgery for patients with Social Security Insurance (SSK, Bag - Kur, Emekli Sandığı) without any additional charge.
Performing kidney transplant preparation procedures and kidney transplant surgery at no additional charge for patients with Green Cards
 Ensuring the healthy functioning of the kidney for many years with a follow-up program after the kidney transplantation. Likewise, follow-up of living people who donate kidneys
 Providing hemodialysis patients a healthy hemodialysis treatment by performing AV fistula and graft operations.
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Kidney Transplant Center
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