Geriatrics is a science that aims at healthy aging with preventive medicine practices in advanced ages, as well as taking into account health problems (diagnosis, treatments and follow-ups of acute and chronic diseases), social and functional lives and quality of life of this age group.

The following should be aimed in approaching patients:

 • Protection of health by early diagnosis of some diseases without any symptoms, thanks to preventive medicine and general scanning
 • Increasing the functional level and quality of life of patients
 • Making accurate diagnosis of diseases
 • Scanning of geriatric syndromes such as inactivity, depression, dementia, delirium, falls, pressure sores, osteoporosis, multiple drug use, decreased vision and hearing, malnutrition, sarcopenia, as well as internal diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, endocrine diseases, planning treatments and follow-ups
 • Providing optimum environmental and social support and appropriate care for the patient.

Preventive medicine is of great importance for older people. Preventive medicine practices include lifestyle changes, protection from accidents, prevention of cardiovascular diseases, monitoring and prevention of changes in oral and dental health, psychosis and mental health, scanning tests and vaccination programs. Thanks to these practices, it is possible to protect health, and slow down or stop the progression of chronic diseases.

"Versatile Geriatric Evaluation" is performed for geriatric patients. In this evaluation unlike the standard medical evaluations, the medical problems, functional status, geriatric syndromes and quality of life of elderly people are assessed in various scales. In addition, it is possible to determine the most risky group in terms of geriatric problems called "fragile elderly" with a versatile geriatric assessment. Frail elderly people are at increased risk of falls, functional dependence, hospitalization and death. Identifying this patient group and arranging a treatment / care plan are among the most important goals of multi-dimensional geriatric evaluation.
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