Foot and Ankle Surgery

Foot and Ankle Surgery
25% of the bones are found in the feet and these bones are interconnected by 33 joints in each foot in our body. In addition, there are important muscle, nerve, tendon, ligament and vascular structures around the foot and ankle.

Even if there is no foot disease, deformities, and painful calcification in the joints may develop over time. Again, the most common sports injuries are ligament injuries due to ankle sprain.

 In our Foot and Ankle Diseases and Surgery Department:

· Foot and ankle fractures treatment,
· Cartilage separation treatment,
·Treatment of soft tissue compression after ankle sprain,
· Freezing the ankle (arthrodesis) or prosthesis application,
· Cleaning the bone protrusions on the wrist of the football player,
· Intra-articular biopsies and removal of synovial membrane,
· In the treatment of some fractures involving the joint and some interventions for tendons around the ankle, arthroscopy is performed.

 Other conditions treated in our department are;

· Flat feet, foot deformities in adults and children,
· Diabetic foot treatment,
· Thumb (hallux valgus) and finger problems (hammer toe),
· Bone cysts,
· Rheumatological foot problems,
· Sports injuries (Achilles and ligament, tendon, cartilage problems),
· Heel spur treatment,
· The treatment of bone and soft tissue tumors is done successfully.
Foot and Ankle Surgery
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