At our Group Florence Nightingale Skin Health Departments while the diagnosis and treatment of all basic dermatological diseases are performed, physicians with experience in pediatric dermatology, dermatological allergy and autoimmune skin diseases also take part. At our department, in addition to the diagnosis, examination and treatment of general and oncological skin diseases observed in adults and children, services are also provided in the field of cosmetic dermatology.

Skin cancers, psoriasis, allergies, vitiligo, acne and hair diseases are among the diseases that are frequently treated. Our specialist physicians have experience in different methods used for the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases. In the field of cosmetic dermatology, many applications such as treatments with laser and light systems, skin renewal, botox and filling are successfully carried out.

Which Branches take part in our Skin Health Department?

Oncological Dermatological Diseases Department: In this section; All skin cancers are diagnosed, treated and followed up. The dermoscopic examination and recording system, which is  necessary for the early diagnosis of skin cancer, the evaluation of moles, the pathological examination of the cells by taking a biopsy from the skin, are also within in this department.

Autoimmune (Immune System) Skin Diseases Department: Sometimes the immune system deems one or more of the normal components of the body as foreign and creates autoantibodies that attack its own cells, tissues and / or organs. In other words, the body creates an immune response or wages war against its own tissues and cells. The diseases that occur as a result of this process are called "autoimmune diseases". In the diagnosis of autoimmune skin diseases, autoantibody blood tests are performed, evaluated and monitored with a combination of non-laboratory examinations such as blood tests that measure inflammation and organ functions, clinical picture, and imaging. The treatment of these diseases, where the cause is unknown,  is planned  individually for the patient and followed carefully.

Cosmetic Dermatology Department: In this department, the most up-to-date and scientifically proven anti-aging methods (botox, filling, regeneration, chemical peeling, stamp), excessive sweating treatment, spot treatments, mesotherapy, PRP and skin care are used. At our department, where methods such as ICON fractional laser, salmon DNA youth vaccine and Scarlet are also applied, our patients are informed on the protection of skin health and prevention of sun damage, and are guided in their cosmetic selection.

The approach to anti-aging requires applying more than one method together. These methods vary according to the person's skin type, age, sun damage and skin damage. Selecting the applications after personal evaluation and applying them in the best way possible by experienced people leads to real success.
In the first cosmetology unit established in university hospitals in Turkey, the cosmetic procedures and products are meticulously chosen and applied. 

With combined methods such as PRP + Dermapen, PRP + stamp and Laser + PRP, great success is achieved in scar treatment and PRP + Mesotherapy applications are applied for hair loss.

Dermatological Allergy Department: In this department where allergy tests are applied for the diagnosis of allergic substances, foods and cosmetics,  allergy tests are carried out and the treatment and follow-ups of allergic skin diseases are performed.
In the irritation of the skin, immune system disorders, medications, infections and many other factors can play a role. In such cases, our specialist physicians aim to make a diagnosis with their experience and  quickly treat allergies, and to get rid of the symptoms that bother the patient.

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