Computed Tomography

Computed Tomography

All CT examinations with or without contrast can be performed with these devices. This system, which has a very important place especially in the evaluation of lungs, heart and coronary vessels; It enables the recognition of disease findings in tissues at a size that even the human eye can hardly distinguish, so that diseases are diagnosed at a very early stage. With this device, CT angiography examinations of all vessels in the body can be performed, including virtual colonoscopy, virtual bronchoscopy and coronary arteries.

Patient comfort is very important

With multi-slice computed tomography (Multidetector CT) with fast and high quality imaging, diagnostic images can be obtained especially in pediatric patients, emergencies, advanced age cases, post-accident and similar situations. Unlike conventional CT systems, these devices have multiple detectors, so the patient can be scanned in a short time using less radiation. Thus, higher resolution images can be obtained. Especially after the CT angiography software and hardware have taken their current form, angiographies are performed for almost all arteries and veins in the body. In addition, the veins can be examined in detail without the need for non-invasive angiography, which is the least disturbing for the patient.

What are the procedures performed by Multi-Section Computed Tomography (Multidetector CT)?

- Advanced CT examination or CT angiography examinations,
- Cranial, neck-carotid-vertebral system angiography,
- Pulmonary CT angiography,
- Thoracoabdominal aorta CT angiography,
- Upper and lower extremity CT angiography,
- CT portography,
- Coronary CT angiography,
- CT enterography,
- CT-Virtual colonoscopy,
- CT-Virtual bronchoscopy.

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