Chest Diseases

Chest Diseases
At our Group Florence Nightingale Chest Diseases Department, we successfully serve in the examination, diagnosis and treatment of the related diseases.
Our center successfully performs the latest treatment procedures in airway diseases such as COPD and asthma, and allergic and non-allergic asthma treatments are also successfully performed. For endobronchial volume reduction procedures, which have been on the agenda in recent years and have achieved successful results in COPD, the latest procedures are closely followed and performed.
Our expertise as a team in chest diseases discipline are;
Diagnostic and Interventional bronchoscopy
Treatment of tracheal tumors and strictures
Respiratory intensive care and mechanical ventilation practices
COPD treatment
Asthma diagnosis and treatment

In our chest diseases department, which has highly experienced doctors especially in the field of bronchoscopy and interventional bronchoscopy, more than 2000 interventional bronchoscopies (treatment of tracheal strictures, obstructions due to cancer, airway fistulas, total lung lavage, etc.) have been performed.
In this context, our chest diseases department, which is a candidate to be among the reference chest diseases departments in our country as well as worldwide, with the introduction of endobronchial ultrasonography and confocal endomicroscopy systems in diagnostic bronchoscopy practices, plays a pioneering role in both scientific and daily practices.

Our Chest Diseases Department also supports organ transplant teams in terms of lung transplants for successful transplantation.

Other diseases that are diagnosed and treated within the chest diseases discipline in our department are as follows:

Diagnosis and treatment of interstitial lung diseases,
Diagnosis and treatment of pleural (pleura) diseases,
Tuberculosis, pulmonary involvement of rheumatic diseases and pulmonary embolism.

Our Chest Diseases Department also plays an active and pioneering role in the academic field. We are proud of one of the doctors of the Group Florence Nightingale, Assoc. Dr. Levent Dalar's contribution to the organization of the second European Congress of Bronchology (ECBIP-European Congress for Bronchology and Interventional Bronchoscopy), which is one of the most important congresses in the field of invasive bronchoscopy, and also to take part in the Scientific Advisory Board.
Our chest diseases department also has an advanced bronchoscopy unit, a respiratory function tests laboratory and a sleep laboratory.
Chest Diseases
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