Breast Health Center

Breast Health Center
At our Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Breast Health Center has been serving since established in 1992.

Under the coordination of Vahit Özmen, breast cancer and breast diseases are treated in the light of medical developments with a specialist doctors team. Our center, performs the diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant diseases of the breast such as cysts, infections, tumors and cancer.

Our activities are performed in scientific communication with modern reference centers around the world. Our specialist doctors working in our center, work in scientific coordination with; AAMC Breast Center Breast Center, the Breast Health Global Initiative, the Senologic International Society, World Society of Breast Health, Turkey Breast Diseases Association Federation and Turkey's first fixed breast health screening center which founded the Breast Health Association. At our Breast Health Center, early diagnosis and effective treatment are be provided with advanced devices.

Team Work in Breast Cancer

Nowadays, a multidisciplinary approach is of great importance in the stages of prevention, scanning, diagnosis, treatment,  
post-treatment support and follow-up to protect breast health, prevent and treat breast cancer. The field of breast health requires doctors who are experts in different branches of medicine to work in communication. In our center; with the disciplines of breast surgery, plastic and reconstructive breast surgery, breast radiology, breast pathology, post-breast surgery physical therapy, medical oncology and radiation oncology, our competent specialists serve in this field. Our multidisciplinary approach to working minimizes patient worry.

Breast is saved in 3 out of 4 patients with breast cancer

In our center; breast saving surgery is applied since its establishment in 1992, sentinel lymph node biopsies after 1996, and for the past 10 years oncoplastic breast surgery has been applied.
At our Breast Health Center, it is primarily aimed to save the breast in the operations performed in the light of the latest scientific developments. All techniques required to save of the breast, which is a sociopsychologically important organ for our patients, methods such as "lymphoscintigraphy" or "methylene blue" procerdure, sentinel lymph node sampling and "segmental mastectomy" are used. In our center, the rate of patients who undergo breast-conserving surgery reaches 75%. This shows that in three out of four patients, the breast can be saved.

Oncoplastic breast surgery procedures are performed

In the surgical treatment of breast cancer, while preserving the basic principles of oncology, an aesthetically pleasing appearance should be achieved. When treating the cancerous breast, it is important to examine the other breast, and to provide symmetry with augmentation or reduction.

Modern radiological imaging is used

In our center; digital mammography (MMG), ultrasonography (USG), color doppler ultrasonography (RDUS), elastography, 1.5 and 3.0 T magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, PET-MRI and PET- to make the most accurate diagnosis and correct staging without impairing the quality of life of our patients. CT devices are available. In addition, mammography and biopsy (BPX) biopsy is performed with USG.

Sentinel lymph node removal procedure is performed in breast cancer

If there is no enlargement in the axillary lymph nodes during the examination of the patient diagnosed with breast cancer, a procedure that requires experience is applied to these patients. In this procedure called "guard lymph node biopsy", it is aimed to find and remove the lymph nodes or glands that the lymph channels from the tumor in the breast reach first in the armpit, and to evaluate them during surgery. If there are no cancer cells in the lymph node, it is decided that the disease has not reached the armpit and other lymph nodes are not removed. Otherwise, if there are cancer cells in the removed lymph node, the other lymph nodes are also removed at the same time.

Fighting against lymphedema in breast cancer

Our physical rehabilitation team offers appropriate program options to combat the limitation of shoulder movements following surgery and the fight against lymphedema developing in the arm.

Breast Health Center
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