Bone Marrow Transplantation Center

Bone Marrow Transplantation Center
On July 2010 . Under the founding director of Dr. Mutlu Arat,  within the Florence Nightingale Hospitals Group, the Hematological Stem Cell and Transplantation Center (HSCT) in Sisli Florence Nightingale Hospital has started to serve. Our center has performed 1106 BMT as of December 2019.

Our center has performed 90 successful transplants at the end of the first year. Our team, which performed allogeneic transplant from the first unrelated donor in 2012, has given hope to more than 600 patients (over 350 autologous, over 250 allogeneic) in 2016. . Our Bone Marrow Transplantation Center performed the 1000th BMT operation on 3rd February of 2019 and since our Bone Marrow Transplantation Center was established, it is in the top 3 in Istanbul and top 5  in Turkey 

Its strong team ensures high success rates.

Our center, which serves more than 140 national and international patients, provides effective treatment for certain bone marrow failure diseases and immune system deficiencies as well as cancer diseases related to bone marrow every year. As one of the 8 centers with which the Turkish Hematology Association is a project partner, as well as our services, we maintain our place in the scientific field in Turkey and abroad .

 We are always with our patients, before and after transplantation. Our colleagues consisting of 4 specialist hematologists and experienced nurses, who work with the awareness that treatment is a dedicated and harmonious team work in the BMT Center. First year survival rates reached a high success line of 88% in autologous BMT patients and 77% in allogeneic BMT patients.   

A center that is always with the patient.

We are trying to respond to the increasing numbers of patient applications to our Bone Marrow Center without sacrificing quality. For this purpose, our center provides transportation services to all SSL and privately insured cases without any additional fee. Transport-related complications are under the responsibility of our center, and transactions are always carried out within the scope of the SSL.

Why Us?

  • Turkish Republic Licensed in accordance with the relevant instruction of the Ministry of Health,
  • Having an experienced team with over 100 transplants annually,
  • As a center that provides a long disease-free period after BMT,
  • Providing the treatment and care of their patients under required conditions,
  • Follow up with patients for life after the procedure,
  • BMT Center within the Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals; we are an institution that follows every step of the BMT process, is aware of the needs and problems of patients and their relatives at an early stage, and is able to offer all its facilities in a contemporary capacity to produce permanent solutions.
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Bone Marrow Transplantation Center
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