As the Biochemistry Department of Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals, we provide various services such as diagnosis, development and prevention of the disease, we not only produce test results but also support clinical decision making.

Statistical data show that 70% of medical decisions are made based on laboratory results. For this reason,  the Biochemistry laboratory has a great importance in providing health services.

Repeatability of results, 
Concepts such as quality control are provided based on good laboratory practice.

Keeping our service quality at the highest level has always been our top priority and goal. In order to achieve this goal, participation in international and national quality control programs has been ensured regularly since our establishment, and the necessary trainings are constantly renewed for all laboratory employees.

Our Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Biochemistry Department aims to provide medical laboratory services in the most accurate, reliable and short time with the most up-to-date devices, competent staff and experienced expert staff by closely following the latest technological developments within the framework of today's modern medical understanding.
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