The Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals consists of doctors and technicians who have completed their specialty training in the field of anesthesia, use high-level medical technology, and with this knowledge and skills, help the patients to regain their health after surgical procedures.

Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals; for adults and children,

- Cardiac surgery, 
- Thoracic surgery, 
- Spine surgery, 
- Brain surgery,
- Transplantation surgery,
Surgical operations that require specific anesthetic procedures such as robotic surgery are frequently performed.

The Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Anesthesia Department consists of experienced anesthesiologists and technicians for all surgical interventions, including special operations. Our anesthesia department is an experienced team that can successfully manage the general, local or regional anesthesia procedures of all these surgeries.
During the surgery, your anesthesiologist is vital and assists and protects you by checking all your vital functions such as breathing and circulation, keeping the indicators at physiological values, performing appropriate medical treatment by intervening when necessary, and being with you throughout the surgery.
After the surgery, the anesthesiologist has an important responsibility for the relief of postoperative pain and to overcome this period painless and as comfortably as possible.

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